Author Guidelines


The procedure for sending and publishing articles:

1.1. Articles are submitted to the editors in electronic form (on CD-ROM or by e-mail) and in printed (1 copy) form. The printed copy must be signed by all authors, on the first page of the printed copy the section in which the article should be published is indicated.

The file with the electronic version should be named after the authors of the article.

1.2. The manuscript should be at least 2 pages of A4 size, printed in MS Word text editor in 10 pt Times New Roman font. at one interval. Fields: upper and lower — 2.5 cm, right and left — 2 cm. The text of the manuscript is arranged in one column; The “section break” option can only be used to create landscape pages.

1.3. A mandatory element of the article is the UDK index (indicated on the first page).

1.4. The first page contains information about the authors in Russian: last name, first name and patronymic (in full), place of work (organization and division), position held, academic degree, academic title, telephone and e-mail of each of the coauthors.

1.5. Important elements of the article are abstract and keywords. Abstract (at least 600 characters with spaces) should be in a concise form, but sufficiently fully reflect the content of the article, without repeating its title.

1.6. The last sheet contains information about the authors, abstract and keywords in English.

1.7. Graphs, drawings and photographs are arranged in the text after the first mention of them.

1.8. The word «Table» with a serial number is located on the right. The next line contains the name of the table (centered without indentation) with no dot at the end. The only table in the article is not numbered.

1.9. Used in the work of the terms, units and conventions should be generally accepted. All designations used by the authors (with the exception of well-known constants such as e, h, c, etc.) and abbreviations should be explained when they are first mentioned in the text.

1.10. All formulas must be typed in the MathType formula editor in 10 pt. Explanations to the formulas (explications) should be typed in the selection (without using a red line). Latin designations are typed in italics, function names (sin, cos, exp) and Greek letters are in regular (straight) font. Formulas are numbered in parentheses — (2).

1.11. References to literary sources in the text are enclosed in square brackets [1]. The bibliographic list is given after the text of the article in accordance with the requirements of GOST 7.1-2003 in alphabetical order or in order of mentioning sources in the text.

1.12. The author is responsible for the scientific content of the article and guarantees the originality of the presented material.

When sending the manuscript, the author guarantees that:

he did not publish (except for the publication of an article in the form of a preprint) and will not publish an article in the amount of more than 25% in other print or electronic publications;

the article contains all references to the cited authors and publications provided by the current copyright law, as well as the results and facts used in the article obtained by other authors or organizations;

the article does not include materials that are not subject to publication in the open press, in accordance with applicable regulations.

When sending the manuscript, the author agrees that the editors of the journal have the right to:

provide materials of scientific articles to Russian and foreign organizations providing scientific citation indices;

make abbreviations and editorial changes to the manuscript text.

1.13. The author also agrees that the manuscripts of the articles are not returned to the authors and the remuneration (fee) for the published articles is not paid.

Article Review Rules

2.1. All materials submitted to the editors of the journal, relevant to its subject, are reviewed for peer review.

2.2. Reviewers for articles submitted to the editorial board are appointed by the editorial board from among recognized experts on the subject of peer-reviewed materials and having published publications on the subject of the article under review for the last 3 years.

2.3. Reviews are stored in the publishing house and the editors of the journal for 5 years.

2.4. The review of the article is given no more than two months.

2.5. The review should contain a qualified analysis of the article material and its objective assessment. The reviewer makes a recommendation (positive or negative) regarding the possibility of publishing the article.

2.6. The editorial board sends to the authors of the submitted materials copies of the reviews or a motivated refusal.

2.7. The author is obliged to eliminate the shortcomings of the manuscript noted by the reviewer and send the corrected version to the editor within a month from the day of receiving the review. The issue of completeness and sufficiency of revisions to the reviewer’s remarks is decided by the members of the editorial board of the journal or the reviewer.

2.8. Having a positive review is not a sufficient reason to publish an article. The final decision on the expediency of publication is made by the chief editor of the journal.

2.9. Not subject to review:

— informational materials, published accordingly in the section «Information materials»,

— advertising materials, messages of the founder and the like in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.