Author Guidelines

Article Submission Guidelines

Manuscripts must be presented in the form of MicrosoftWord document (*.doc, *.docx). Files must be sent to email:

Authors must provide an expert conclusion allowing them to publish materials in the Journal openly (scanned version must be sent to email:

Deadlines for Submission of Manuscripts

  • Issue 1 – January 31
  • Issue 2 – April 30
  • Issue 3 – July 30
  • Issue 4 – October 31

Editorial Board Requirements

Manuscript format: A4. Paper size 10-12 thousand signs.

Annotation: 100-150 words.

Key words minimum: 5

The text body: “Introduction”, “Research methods”, “Research results”, “Discussion and Conclusion”.

Paper format:

  • font Arial, font size – 10.
  • first line paragraph – 1.25 cm;
  • all margins 2 cm,
  • formulae must be made in MicrosoftEquation 3.0 or MathType 5.0-6.0 Equation (font Arial), font size – 10. Formulae are enumerated in round brackets aligned right;
  • the body of an article must contain references to tables, drawings, diagrams;
  • tables, drawings, diagrams are put in text after the first mentioning;
  • the text of an article mustn’t conclude with a table, drawing or formula.


  • References must correspond to GOST R 7.05-2008.
  • References must include not less than 10 items.
  • All references are listed in the References section in the order they appear in the text. The text must contain links to all items in References section.
  • References include only scientific and equal to them publications. References to regulations (laws, standards) must be arranged as footnotes in the text of an article.

Article Publishing Guidelines

Scientific articles that are written according to the article preparation guidelines and have received positive peer review are accepted for publication in the Journal.

Articles must not be published before and at the time of receiving them must not be reviewing at other scientific journals.

Principles of selecting materials

  • The material should be authentic.
  • Proposed methods of solutions should be new and practical.
  • The data of the paper must be true.
  • The paper must not contain any advertising information.
  • The paper must not contain any limited access information.
  • The paper must be formatted according to the editorial board requirements.

Peer Review Guidelines

All articles are peer reviewed.

Peer review deadline: 30 days from the date of receiving a manuscript.

The copy of the review is sent to the author.

The results of peer review of an article:

  • rejected (editorial board sends to the author a motivated refusal);
  • returned to the author for revision (revision should be done within 7 days);
  • accepted for publication.

The review is kept for 5 years.